• New Client First Colonic: $100.00

    I will go over everything that takes place during a colonic and what to expect afterward. We will also do a short overall health and wellness review so you can make clear choices regarding your health plan.

  • One Session $90.00

    1 hour

Ask me about the series sessions at discounted rates. Saving money will help you achieve your cleansing goals. 6-10 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are recommended to clean the entire colon. After that receive one session a month for maintenance.  

Colonic System Picture

Utilizing the  sauna before or after a colonic session will assist in the detoxification process and help to relax and rejuvenate the body.

I accept cash when you arrive for your appointment. 

Far Infrared Sauna Sessions

Far Infrared Saunas are different than a regular sauna because it uses light to create the heat. Only 20% of the air is heated allowing the body to absorb the other 80% without the high temperatures. There are many studies you can research online that show the many benefits of FIR light.  Its heat deeply penetrates the muscles, joints, and tissue increasing heart rate and circulation and speeds up the oxygen flow. This supports the detoxing of heavy metals and other toxins that have accumulated over time. Daily sweating also helps purify the skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and gives you an overall sense of relaxation that will help with sleep as well. 

Biomat Session

Before and After Care

Do Your Best To Eat Light!

Plan at least 2 days in advance, a week is even better and even better yet is to always have a balanced lifestyle of raw fruits and veggies seeds and nuts. In any case no matter what your regular food choices are, the day before, do your best to eat things like steamed veggies and quinoa, with a raw tahini sauce and or green juices and smoothies. The day of your colonic make sure you’re finished eating at least 2 hours before your colonic and only have smoothies and fresh fruit and vegetable juices that day.

After the colonic for the rest of the day keep eating light foods like juice and smoothies, and a salad with avocado and a raw dressing for your last meal. Avoid eating after 7 PM. The body doesn’t digest well at night.

Policies and Services

Policies and Services

I’m accepting cash at this time. Therefore I will send out an email or text to remind you the day before. Thank You 

After booking your appointment we will go over your health history and goals to see how I can best serve you. 

My series packages will be paid in advance and are not refundable. 

It’s perfectly fine to have colonics during menstruation for women on their menstrual cycle. 

I ask that all canceling and rescheduling take place 48 hours in advance out of respect my time. In addition, all appointments canceled or rescheduled in less than 24 hours will be charged the full amount. 

Make sure not to be wearing any synthetic perfumes or oils and please make sure you do not smell of smoke when you arrive at your appointment. 

Make sure you give yourself plenty of travel time so you arrive here relaxed and calm for your session. I have a small grace time but if you’re late for your appointment we may need to cut it short and the full payment will still apply.

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