What happens during a colonic session 

Colon hydrotherapy is a washing out of impacted waste and gas from the Large Intestine with filtered water.

The colonic takes place in a private, warm, and comfortable room. Covered by a soft blanket, you will be lying down for the whole session on a cushioned table warmed by the Biomat. Soft cozy socks are provided as well. The treatment system and all surfaces are cleaned after every session as well as the bathroom and all door handles. 

The insertion of the speculum is done by the client. Warm or body temperature water that is filtered and purified enters the intestine from a 5 gallon container approximately 2 1/2 to 3 feet above your body. The water flows in and out of the large intestine without mechanical pumps or machines.  The therapist works with your bodies natural rhythms and is in complete and constant communication with you about what you’re feeling and needing. You relax while the inflow of water loosens up and removes old hard fecal mater, mucous, and gas. Colon irrigation doesn’t hurt but sometimes you may feel temporary cramping when the water encounters gas or impaction. You will feel relief after your body releases the water and debris. 

People often feel an over all sense of well being and clarity following a session.  Some of you may feel tired or dizzy due to the release of toxins. A followup colonic within the week and following the suggested dietary protocol before and after the treatment will help to relieve these symptoms and rebalance alkalinity. When you’re feeling sick colon hydrotherapy is a great thing to do because it assists the body in getting rid of excess toxins and waist. Also for women, it’s ok to receive a treatment during your menstrual cycle. You will most likely experience relief from uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

When deciding how often you would want to get a colonic consider your diet and overall health. After hearing and seeing how your body responds and what your goals are I can give you some recommendations if you’re interested.’

Before and After Care 

Always remember to chew your food no matter what your eating. The following advice is just a simple guide. Do your best to eat light.

Plan 2 days in advanced, a week, and even better yet is to always have a balanced life style of raw fruits and veggies seeds and nuts. In any case, no matter what your regular food choices are, do your best the day before to drink lots of water and eat things like steamed veggies and quinoa, with a raw tahini sauce. Drink lots of fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. The day of make sure you’re finished eating 2 hours before and drinking 1 hour before your colonic. Have only smoothies and fresh fruit and vegetable juices that day. So in other words come to your session with an empty stomach.

Don’t eat meat, eggs, dairy, grains, especially bread or pasta. Stay away from gassy vegetables like broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower etc. We really know what is best for us. Listen to your gut.

After the colonic drink lots of water, coconut water, and juices and for the rest of the day keep eating light foods like smoothies, and a salad with avocado and a raw  dressing, steamed veggies with millet or a light soup for your last meal. Avoid eating after 7 pm, the body doesn’t digest well at night. Take some probiotics, even though only a little of the gut flora was washed out and what remains will easily replenish itself with proper nutrition, it will help bring them into balance.

Your colon will now have been cleared of solid matter and you may not have a bowl movement for a day or two. This is normal. Your colon also absorbed some water during the colonic and you may pee a little more than your use to. This will serve as a gentle kidney cleans. Support it by drinking some filtered water with fresh squeezed lemon.

The evening after your colonic take a nice long bath. Use 3 TBS of Epsom Salts with lavender or any of your favorite essential oils. This will not only relax you but its alkalizing, energy clearing, and opens up your pores for more detox.,

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