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Tree of Life Colonics

Offering Portland colonics right in the heart of the historic SE Sellwood area. I offer the most gentle and safe method of colon hydrotherapy also called colonics or colonic irrigation. This system uses a natural downward flow of purified filtered water and will slowly and gently clean out the large intestine. In other words, there's no pump or mechanical pressure used. Sterile and disposable speculums are used to assure a safe and hygienic experience. All other equipment and surfaces, including door handles and light switches, are cleaned and sterilized after every session. I also ask questions and listen to all your requests and needs to make sure you're receiving the most comfortable and best care possible.

Health Begins in The Colon

This colonic system uses filtered water that flows down from a tank situated 3 feet above and gently enters the colon. This begins to soften the hardened debris that has accumulated over time. A series of colonics will gently remove this waste. Therefore leaving space for healthy bacteria to recolonize. In addition, the colon will effectively digest and distribute nutrients to your whole body.

Waste that builds up in the colon can cause dis-ease. It manifests in different parts and systems of the body. We have given these dis-eases names, like IBS, colon cancer, lung cancer, colds, and the flu, etc. As long as the debris remains, it will continually be reabsorbed into the body. This can accumulate where the body is weakest and cause inflammation. Colonics will help soften and break up the waste and begin to help the body clear it out. Adapting a lifestyle more in line with nature will help in this cleansing process. It’s most important to do this at a level and pace that is right for the individual. That process looks different for everyone. The reasons for this are as individual as each one of us. 

As the body rids itself of accumulated waste the mind starts to clear, the body feels calm and energetic. Thus supporting you in realizing health is mother natures gift. All the while inspiring and encouraging you to understand the importance of reconnecting with your body.

Most importantly one can increase the number of life-giving fruits and vegetables into a daily routine. The benefits of incorporating these lifestyle changes are, to say the least, life-giving. You will feel inspired and encouraged to keep taking charge of your own health.

A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Susan. I’m a certified Colon Hydrotherapist. My healing journey started when my health went downhill due to candida and leaky gut that worsened in my early 30’s.  I began researching and applying the raw and living foods lifestyle about 18 years ago. This was after trying many other alternatives and natural healing modalities that really didn’t help much, if at all. 

In addition, I became a raw food chef and colon hydrotherapist at a healing center in Port Townsend Washington. Furthermore, I studied the liver and gallbladder flush created by Dr. David Jubb. For the first time, I began to feel healthy again. Clearing away the debris and toxins with this lifestyle was the key. So I began to coach others on this cleanse. 

Therefore, by adopting this nourishing lifestyle that nature seems to have intended for us and doing many liver and gallbladder flushes, I was able to heal my own body from dis-ease.  I want to encourage and inspire others to take responsibility for their own health.  It is possible to find a path that will help them clear away the things that are blocking them from feeling and being the best they can. 

A Clean and Safe Environment

First and foremost, Your comfort and safety are extremely important.  Therefore I have created a clean and inviting home environment so you will always have the privacy you need.

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