At Tree of Life Colonics located in Portland Oregon, I use a very effective and safe method of colon hydrotherapy by utilizing the gentle natural downward flow of filtered water. Making it so there’s no artificial electrical or mechanical force used. This is the oldest most natural way of washing the colon sometimes called and internal bath and is similar to and external bath.

Deficiencies come from empty foods we put in our bodies that build toxins up over time. This inhibits the absorption of nutritional foods. The gentle inflow of water, held for a bit in the colon and then released while the water is continually flowing down and out through the speculum stimulates a release that is continually and easily washed away by this flow. Nutrients are easily absorbed through the large intestine after removing those toxins through colon hydrotherapy and committing to a more plant based life style .

You will love this closed system method because all is contained, so no mess. There is a view tube so you can see what’s going on, if you desire to. Here at the Tree of Life you are encouraged and supported in taking responsibility for you own health. Getting a series of colonics is a good first step.

Colonic Room

Health Begins In The Colon

Healthy life style choices like cleansing the colon of old toxic waste helps you begin to reconnect with your true self. Eating organic raw fruits and vegetables is anther life style change to support this process. The mind starts to clear while your body feels calm and energetic, then you realize your divine connection to mother nature.


For Your Wellbeing

I hope to inspire and encourage you to understand the importance of reconnecting with your body.  I can give you the guidance and tools on how to achieve this awareness. Most of all you will reap the benefits only if you make the life style changes needed. While only you know inside what that is, Colon Hydrotherapy will help you connect with that knowing.


First of all I am not a doctor and none of this information has been approved by the FDA.  In addition I do not cure, diagnose or treat illness or disease.  Please see your healthcare practitioner to have them help you with all your health questions.  

Be aware that every therapy, service, and product described or presented at Tree of Life is NOT a cure for any disease, ailment, or health condition.  NO MEDICAL CLAIMS are expressed or implied, either directly or indirectly, regarding the therapies, products, or services presented herein.   As a result we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe.

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