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Tree of Life Colonics

Offering Portland colonics right in the heart of the historic SE Sellwood area. I offer the most gentle and safe method of colon hydrotherapy also called colonics or colonic irrigation. This system uses a natural downward flow of purified filtered water and will slowly and gently clean out the large intestine. In other words, there's no pump or mechanical pressure used. Sterile and disposable speculums are used to assure a safe and hygienic experience.

Health Begins in The Colon

With this closed system, gravity method there are no worries about filling up the colon too much or feeling embarrassed. That’s why this is by far the best most natural colon hydrotherapy system there is. Simply because it relies on the gentle downward flow of filtered and purified water and is completely hygienic and safe. The rate of the flow is controlled and adjusted to the comfort of the client. There’s a continual gentle and natural flow of water filling, and waste releasing at the same time. The practitioner works with the system to assist in allowing the water too slowing flow a little at a time deeper into the colon. There are no electrical pumps so no pressure or force ever happen. Cramping and bloating rarely happen if at all.

It is true that colonics can be uncomfortable. There may be times you will feel some cramping. This only happens when your body is about to release, and the feeling goes away soon after. The cool part is that you don’t have to do anything but relax on a cozy table warmed by the Far-InfraRed Amethyst Crystal Bio-Mat which assists in releasing toxins and reducing inflammation. The practitioner will be with you throughout the session supporting and explaining anything you might have questions about. Truly, this colonic method is not messy, or smelly because all is contained and released through disposable speculums, and medical grade, hypoallergenic latex tubing.

Colon Hydrotherapy Gravity method techniques have been used the world over for thousands of years. It is efficient and effective in supporting the elimination of waste. This and many other natural healing modalities are not new. Our ancient ancestors taught and used these methods of healing because they possessed an awareness of true healing therapeutics based on natures principals. Nature is the only true healing therapeutic there is. One in which you change the things that are causing you harm and start doing the things that create ease in the body. By doing this the body releases all that is unwanted and allows space for regeneration.

I assure you that you’re in the best care possible. The atmosphere is peaceful, serene, calming, and immaculately clean. At Tree of Life Colonics, you’re treated with respect and I take the time to listen to all your cares and concerns. I do this because I care. I have been through it. I know what it takes to make the decision to feel better. To feel alive and open-hearted to the endless possibilities of health. I was once very ill and now I’m living proof that nature wants to heal you. So don’t wait any longer.

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